Instagram adds 6 new meme-worthy Superzoom effects

Instagram Stories are on the brink to get more dramatic. The app is adding six new “Superzoom” effects to its in-app Stories camera.

In case you would like a refresher, Superzoom is the camera feature, which lives aboard Boomerang and alternative effects that makes three-second zoomed-in videos usually with sound effects and animations.

The meme-worthy feature has been in the app since October last year and shortly galvanized a crop of laughably adorable dog memes.

But currently the popular feature is getting an upgrade, with six new variations. Among the new effects: a heart-filled fog with cheesy music, paparazzi-like camera flashes, flames, and an enormous red x.

There’s additionally a particularly emo-looking animation known as “bummer,” which features black leaves falling against a melancholy soundtrack (in case you would like to be woken up when September ends).

It seems the update isn’t live for everybody just yet, which is typical for brand new Instagram options. However anInstagram representative said the new effects ought to roll out to everybody at some point within the future.